Standard Reports For: Hospital Inpatient
Discharge Period: 1/1/2008 - 12/31/2008
Created On: 12/13/2012
Provided by: Department of Health And Human Services (DHHS)
Produced by: Center For Health Information Analysis (CHIA)
Reports:  The Reports Provide An Overview Of Cases, Days, And Charges In Nevada Healthcare Facilities
1A: By Hospital
1B: By Hospital - Excluding Births
1C: By Hospital - Births Only
2A: Hospital By Payer
2B: Hospital By Payer - Excluding Births
2C: Hospital By Payer - Births Only
3 : By DRG
4 : DRG By Hospital
5 : By Patient County
6 : Hospital By Patient County
Cell Size:  When the number of records, in any breakout, is less than the cell size of 10,
those records will be grouped together with the "Other" category.
Case Mix:  Every DRG has a nationally assigned weight. The value of the weight increases with the resources used.
E.g. a normal vaginal delivery may have a value less than 1, whereas brain surgery may have a value of 14 or greater.
Case Mix is the average of weights within the group of records used in each report.
Filters:  Reports not limited by any filters.