Nevada Hospital Reporting
(Pursuant to NRS 449.490, Sections 2 through 4)
Hospital Name: St Rose Dominican Hospitals, San Matrin Campus
Subsidized Health Services
Benefit $
Total Uncompensated Cost from Uncompensated Cost Report filed with DHCFP $30,979,485.00
Less: Medicaid Disproportionate Share Payments received for the Period $95,325.00
Less: Other Payments Received for these Accounts (County Supplemental Funds, etc.) $1,812,827.00
    Net Uncompensated Care $29,071,333.00
Uncompensated SCHIP (Nevada Checkup) Cost $15,722.00
Uncompensated Medicare Cost (see instructions) $11,863,205.00
Uncompensated Clinic or Other Cost $0.00
Other Subsidized Health Services $0.00
Less: Cost Reported in Another Category     $211,755.00
  Total Subsidized Health Services $40,738,505.00